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Can I use a NeoTherm heater with an Apex (or other) controller?

Yes, you can. However. the NeoTherm’s onboard controller will normally keep the temperature with the same or better level of accuracy on its own.
When using these heaters with a controller, there are some guidelines you should follow: 

1) With Apex brand controllers, NeoTherms must be plugged into slot 4 or slot 8 to prevent interference. 

2) We recommend setting the heater at your desired temperature, and your controller to shut off 2 to 4 degrees higher. This lets the NeoTherm do the driving, while the controller stands ready as a failsafe cut-off. We do this because the controller controls the heater by shutting off its power – this is like unplugging it and plugging it back it repeatedly. These power surges can stress or damage the NeoTherm’s internal electronics, which prefers to remain powered. If the controller powers off your NeoTherm for an extended period, this could cause the heater to forget your setting and revert to its factory setting of 78 degrees.

3) Unless the Apex probe and the heater are in the same place, some difference in readings is normal and expected. Especially if the heater is in the sump or overflow and the probe is in the display area. There may be a 1 to 4 degree difference in observed readings. Larger systems have their own internal "weather", with cool and warm spots and currents.
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