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Which Cobalt food is best for my __________ fish?

We formulate even our specialty foods with a community tank in mind, so we include balanced nutrition in every formula we make. Tropical and color foods are ideal for mixed freshwater communities. Cichlid, discus and goldfish foods are made with the specific needs of those fish in mind (our discus food is also great for angelfish). Pro Breeder is ideal for skinny fish, stressed or recovering fish, promoting rapid growth in young fish, and conditioning fish to spawn. Brine shrimp and mysis foods are our tastiest foods, recommended for reluctant eaters and as a special treat for everyone. Spirulina is perfect for tropheus, mbuna, mollies, tangs, and other fish that like a high vegetable content. It’s also a lower waste food, good in crowded or less than ideal conditions, since spirulina has higher uptake efficiency than meat proteins.

Along with our marine omni and marine vegi foods, our mysis, mysis spirulina and pro breeder are popular with marine hobbyists. Any Cobalt food with a picture of a marine fish on the label has all the ingredients needed to support marine fish. All fish like variety and will be happier with different foods fed in rotation. Visit your local store to try Cobalt frozen foods, too!

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